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yeezus - coldest winter @ td garden

also, people need to stop comparing #YEEZUS to #BORNSINNER. two completely different styles. yes they came out on the same day and both call themselves hip hop albums but..

classic vs. experimental n all that.

i just talked to jesus
he said, “what up yeezus?”
i said, “shit i’m chillin
tryna stack these millions”

kanye west -  i am a god

kanye west - blood on the leaves

i couldn’t upload the audio file or find a less strange video cover, so bam. in celebration of yeezus actual release, one of my favorite tracks.

edit: videos dead. you better have heard it by now (8/3/13)

kanye west / white dress [prod. RZA/Kanye]

from the OST of the man with the iron fists


the one / kanye west, big sean, 2 chainz, marsha ambrosious

if you ever held a title belt, you would know how michael felt

tyson, jackson, jordan, michael phelps

Title: Clique (ft. Jay-Z & Big Sean) [prod by hit-boy] Artist: Kanye West 39 plays

kanye west / jay-z / big sean - clique [prod. by Hit-Boy]

oh kanye